Sales and Marketing

Vital to the success of every project is the Sales and Marketing plan that is developed to generate maximum awareness and sales demand. At Richard Noble we create sales strategies based on an in-depth understanding of market trends, psychographic and demographic analysis of the primary target market and our long term experience in the promotion and sales of land and residential property.

In close association with all the stakeholders, we develop market sensitive pricing strategies and a unique brand positioning which underpins comprehensive external marketing campaigns including design, signage advertising, literature, promotional concepts, public relations together with strong and meaningful community events.


Our sales strategies have been developed over years of success and are continually being refined to meet the changing needs of the community. With long standing relationships with new home builders we are able to add insight and sophistication into our sales techniques to pinpoint the key motivators needed to achieve high sales volume at premium prices.

Being able to provide a very personal, complete service from start to finish is a core value at Richard Noble and achieving the final sale is an exciting part of the journey we share with our clients.

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