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The Strata Subdivision (R30) is to be undertaken on the eastern parcel of land and although separated by a road it will have a site area of approximately 8.77 hectares. It is currently approved for 125 lots with surplus land to the western portion of this site.

The land is well located elevated above the El Caballo Golf Course with a the majority of lots, when developed possessing excellent views over the reticulated golf course and into the hills of the Avon Valley.

The first stage of the Strata Subdivision is proposed to be undertaken on the northern component of this parcel with 42 lots to be created. Earthworks over this section of the site have commenced.

Beyond the approved 125 lots there is further land available for development which could yield a further 25 to 30 Strata lots and will possess views over an extensive dam, capable of beautification in the south western corner of the site.

The strata subdivision lot owners will enjoy access to the community facilities to be constructed in the lifestyle village on proposed lot 2.

Should further approval be granted the total number of Strata lots capable of being produced will be in the order of 150-155.


Erected on this parcel of land is a substantial brick and tile 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom residence and being situated on the high point of this subject lot, possesses excellent views.


The subject property is located 60 kilometres north east of Perth or approximately 40 kilometres from Midland with Northam being located approximately 30 kilometres east.

More specifically the property is located on the northern side of the Great Eastern Highway approximately 9 kilometres east of the Lakes turn off.

The subject property is surrounded on three sides by the El Caballo Golf Course which separates the subject property from the El Caballo Resort.

Access to the property is afforded primarily off Jocoso Rise although a secondary egress exists for fire safety onto Great Eastern Highway at the western end of the golf course


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