National Tree Day

09 July 2019

On July 28th Australia will celebrate National Tree Day. National Tree Day is an annual event focusing on tree planting and restoration, connecting the community with nature. Not-for-profit groups, schools, and community members alike volunteer their time to help plant new native tree saplings and s…

Check Your Sprinklers Over Winter

17 June 2019

Winter brings with it rain, cooler temperatures and lower evaporation rates meaning the plants in our gardens don’t need as much watering. It’s important we don’t waste our precious natural resource especially when plants get a sufficient amount of rainwater in the winter months.

Creating a Water Wise Verge

30 May 2019

A healthy verge garden can provide you with a buffer from the cold winter winds coming into your home. During summer, they’re a fantastic natural cooling system by providing shade to buildings, reducing our need for air conditioners.⠀

You might qualify for a Keystart Homeloan after last weeks’ changes

08 May 2019

I would like to share some exciting news with you ... hot off the press. The State Government has announced a temporary boost for both first and subsequent home buyers!