Richard Noble & Company’s project Cygnia Cove has not only won multiple awards, but also one of the most prestigious awards in Australia: “Best Residential Development in Australia” in 2015. Below is a summary of all awards.

UDIA National Awards for Excellence 2015

  • Best Residential Development in Australia
    Category: Residential Development
    Project: Cygnia Cove Estate
  • Environmental Excellence Award
    Category: Environmental Excellence
    Project Cygnia Cove Estate

Waterford in Western Australia is officially home to the best residential development in Australia, with Richard Noble’s Cygnia Cove winning the Residential Development Award at the 2015 Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) National Awards for Excellence. The project also won the prestigious Environmental Excellence Award.

Managing Director Alex Gregg commented, “We are exceptionally proud of what’s been achieved at Cygnia Cove. Transforming what was a degraded piece of land on the banks of the Canning River into a beautiful and connected community for around 200 households providing a lasting environmental and cultural legacy for the whole community to enjoy.”

Richard Noble Managing Director, Alex Gregg (cen.), with project partners Chris Meehl (le.) and Max Montisci (ri.)

The judges acknowledged, “The approval process was complicated with heritage, environmental and cultural issues. Resolution of these challenges over 13 years was testament to the professionalism and patience of the developer and consultant team.”

Naming the development the best in Australia, the UDIA judges also said, “Cygnia Cove is a premium quality residential estate established on a difficult but highly desirable site fronting the Canning River.

The development, located just eight kilometres from Perth’s CBD, has successfully integrated a multi-award winning residential community, neighbouring established heritage buildings, rehabilitated and newly constructed wetlands, a successful Black Swan breeding habitat, and expanded foreshore reserve.

UDIA (WA) Awards for Excellence 2014

  • President’s Award
    Category: President’s Award
    Project: Cygnia Cove Estate
  • Best Residential Development in WA
    Category: Residential Development Under 250 Lots
    Project: Cygnia Cove Estate
  • Environmental Excellence
    Category: Environmental Excellence
    Project: Cygnia Cove Estate

Cygnia Cove’s ‘night of nights’ at the 2014 UDIA (WA) Awards for Excellence gala dinner with Richard Noble and Company being presented with three prestigious awards.

This is great recognition of the commitment and hard work it has taken to transform this challenging site into a magnificent 188-lot residential estate, with a revitalised wetland and expanded foreshore reserve, that also provides a lasting environmental and cultural legacy for the whole community.

Richard Noble Managing Director Alex Gregg said he is very proud of what has been achieved at Cygnia Cove.

“Cygnia Cove is an outstanding success – it offers a beautiful and connected place to live that has been embraced by homebuyers with more than 90 homesites already sold,” explained Mr Gregg. “It also provides a lasting environmental and cultural legacy for the wider community to enjoy.”

The UDIA judges’ comments for the President’s Award speak for themselves:

“As the prize which awards the entry which is considered to be the best of the various Category Winners, the President’s Award is traditionally awarded to only the very best of developments and this year is no exception.

As the winner of the two categories in which it was entered, Cygnia Cove is outstanding in all manner of ways and its 17 year history from the commencement of planning to today is testimony to the developer’s great  perseverance and a commitment to a vision.

The developer and its consultant team exude problem solving, issues resolution, innovation and teamwork and all involved are to be congratulated on this outstanding project which is a worthy addition to the list of previous winners of this, the ultimate UDIA Award for Excellence.


UDIA Winner Logo 2014